Are You Preparing For Competition?

Are you training to compete in a fitness competition? Do you know what’s involved? Whether you’re entering the bikini or figure competition, there are many components to consider in order for you to bring your personal best to the stage. There’s a lot more to it then you may think.  I've been there and I can help ease the way and ensure you are at the peak of your fitness and ability to excel in this sport.

How To Get Started

There are three easy steps to getting started.

   1. Research the contests in your area;
   2. Look at what the competitors look like;
   3. Choose a federation you feel will suit the look you would like to achieve.

Choose a Realistic Date To Compete

It's important to have your body assessed in order to determine your current level of fitness. This will help you to make a plan and map out how long it will take you to achieve your ideal look for the show. Assessing your physique will give you a good understanding of the time needed to realistically choose a show. This will determine how much fat loss or muscle gain would be needed to allow you to compete and be competitive.

I offer an assessment package where I take the time to evaluate your physique and then help you set realistic goals for competition. The assessment includes;
  • body fat test
  • girth measurements
  • before and after pictures
This assessment will help me determine your competitive readiness and what you need to do to achieve your goal in a realistic time frame.

For more details on booking your assessment click here.

Map Out Your Action Plan

If you have chosen a show date your next step is to map out your action plan. This includes your workout routine and your nutrition plan.

Pre Competition Monthly Workout Plan

What I can offer you is a detailed training program customized to create the look you are trying to achieve. This program is your road map to success and will assist you in staying on track. It contains everything you need to do to make the cut in competition.

Pre Competition Sports Nutrition Plan

There’s no doubt that one of the most important aspects of training for this sport is nutrition. All the workouts in the world won’t matter a bit unless you know what and what not to eat pre-competition. A customized nutrition plan is what you need to reach your goals and with my help I can get you there.

We work together to come up with a plan that's right for your particular sport needs and then you check in with me regularly to make adjustments and tweaks when needed. This is especially important because dieting for competition gets pretty intense the closer you get to competition. I will be there to lend my support and help keep you on track.

Final Steps

In the final step of preparing for competition you will be adding the polish and finishing touches needed to capture the judges’ attention. Without question there are many little details to consider and perfect before stepping foot on the big stage. These include:
  • Posing and walking
  • Choosing appropriate shoes and costuming
  • Eye popping tanning tips
  • Makeup and hair choices for stage
  • Developing stage presence
With my many years of personal experience and expertise at developing other athletes I can help you master these steps and fast track your success. I recommend you invest in a private posing session to work on your presentation which is a highly ranked component of competition.

Private Posing Coaching Session

Presentation is a very important factor on how well you place in a show. You may have the ideal look for your category but if you don’t present it in the best way, the judges will not be impressed. A posing session will teach you;
  • the best angles for your body;
  • the most flattering poses for your physique;
  • how to cover up those little imperfections you don't want the judges to see.
This will ensure you are giving the judges the very best and help you show case your full potential on stage.

To book your private posing coaching session click here.

Personal Training Services

Private personal training services are available if you would like me to help you prepare your body for competition. I know how hard it is to train for competition and how relentless you need to be in reaching your goal. It’s sometimes hard to stay motivated and focused so private personal training may be just what you need to stay on the right track towards achieving your goals. Plus, I won’t let you slack!

Space availability is somewhat limited closer to competition so don’t delay in booking your sessions. Contact me for more information and to book your complimentary fifteen minute consultation.