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Fatima Leite Kusch

Fatima Leite Kusch is a Canadian fitness talent, WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model, columnist for Strong Fitness Magazine , owner of Blessed Bodies Fitness and founder of Blessed Little Sisters  non profit teen athlete scholarship program. Not only has she earned two pro cards and one world title on stage, but she's appeared in the hottest magazine publications: OxygenInside Fitness and Fit & Firm as well as product advertisements like Asics. 

Photographers are saying that it doesn't matter if its summer or winter, this girl brings a pro physique to every shoot. She's quickly becoming known as "the model with the 365 physique." Coincidentally, this award winning competition coach, Ceritified Sports Nutrition Advisor, Certified Trainer, and modelling mentor has revolutionized the world of fitness by launching the first customized 365 competition program. Fatima has taken her personal successes as a 365 role model and designed options for like-minded athletes and models who desire a healthy photo shoot body year round. 365 is offically going viral and it all started with one girls belief in the balance between health, strength and beauty.

Fatima is also the visionary behind Team Blessed Bodies - a growing sisterhood of beautifully fit and positive competition athletes and models. Members receive an innovative training and nutrition experience teamed up with a support network that's rich in friendships and free of judgement. This is where the most challenging fitness goals are realized, and the average girl next door can become a champion athlete or an acclaimed health and fitness personality.

All of Fatima's programming is available to clients around the world, through a convenient online system created by Fatima called FitnessPrint. This online system accomodates everyone from the new and blossoming fitness enthusiasts to the celebrity pro athlete. Clients can access custom training plans, meal plans, recipes, advice and their new friends all in one place.  


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